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Government Accountability Office database

The Government Accountability Office maintains a database of rules submitted to it under the CRA, which you can search by keyword, agency, or date. The CRA defines “rule” very broadly to include major regulations and minor regulations, interpretive rules, policy memoranda, and guidance documents, with only a few exceptions. Such broadly defined rules include those required to be published in the Federal Register and those that are made public by some other means.

If a rule is not in GAO’s database or does not have a “received by” date, that means it was not submitted to GAO and probably not sent to both Houses of Congress as required by law, and it remains vulnerable to congressional disapproval under the CRA in the future. If you find a rule published or made public after March 29, 1996 that does not appear in the GAO website and that you think should be eliminated, please fill in the form below to submit it into our database.

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Red Tape Rollback will review submissions and follow up if necessary. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published.