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The CRA and a deregulatory agenda for Trump’s second year

Last week Cause of Action Institute president and CEO John Vecchione wrote an op-ed in The Hill calling on the Trump Administration and Congress to make use of the CRA to eliminate burdensome regulations.

He writes:

“Cause of Action Institute has found more than 800 economically significant rules that could be on the table.  The great limiting factor under the CRA is Senate floor time.  Each regulation must be struck down individually and not in bundles.  The CRA allows for a maximum of ten hours of evenly split debate time for each rule, and precludes Senate filibusters.

Next year is an election year. With little prospect of passing meaningful legislation, and no Supreme Court nominee to confirm, the Senate could be in the unaccustomed position of moving a positive deregulatory agenda forward by majority vote. Instead of gridlock, Congress and the Trump administration could, through coordinated review and agreement, overturn hundreds of wasteful or outdated regulations. These regulations could be systematically eliminated with little chance of revival in the future. The Congress would see its stock rise as it acted to remove billions in compliance costs from the American economy.  Congressmen would have something tangible to show for their time in D.C. and the American economy would get a welcome boost.

The CRA in the current environment provides an opportunity “for so much winning you’ll get tired of winning,” to coin a phrase.”

Read the full op-ed at The Hill.

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