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Leading public policy and legal organizations join forces with Red Tape Rollback

Washington, D.C. – Red Tape Rollback, a project of Pacific Legal Foundation, today announced a new partnership with leading national public policy, legal, and research organizations. They have all joined forces with Red Tape Rollback to rein in regulatory overreach by promoting creative new ideas regarding the use of the Congressional Review Act to overturn destructive and illegal regulations.

“Our nation is at a critical juncture,” said Steven Anderson, PLF’s President and CEO. “The time is now to work together to restore the democratic accountability the Framers knew was the best protection of individual liberty. With a new administration and Congress seeking ways to reverse years of overregulation, Red Tape Rollback is the leading edge of the movement to dismantle the administrative state. Coming together with such outstanding and influential organizations will fuel our aggressive attack on the administrative state and restore constitutional protections for liberty.”

With more organizations to follow, these initial “founding” partners include The Club for Growth, The Heritage Foundation, The Buckeye Institute, and Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“The contributions our Red Tape Rollback founding partners have made and will continue to make to roll back harmful regulations are invaluable,” said Todd Gaziano, Red Tape Rollback Project Leader and PLF’s Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law. The credibility of their research and educational outreach is unmatched. We are incredibly pleased and proud to include them as founding partners on developing and the larger Red Tape Rollback Project.”

The Club for Growth

“Congress should use the full force of the Congressional Review Act to eliminate as many unnecessary regulations as possible.  That’s what The Club for Growth President David McIntosh had in mind when he drafted the CRA as a member of Congress, and that’s exactly what can help accomplish.” — Andy Roth, Vice President, Government Affairs, The Club for Growth.

 The Heritage Foundation

“The Congressional Review Act gives Congress the ability, on a fast-track basis, to review and scuttle rules that, among other things, flunk any reasonable cost-benefit analysis, dampen economic growth, and kill jobs.  Congress can undo the so-called ‘Midnight Rules’ that the last administration adopted after the November election, but it also can reach back to 1996 to nullify any rule that was never submitted to Congress, as the Congressional Review Act requires.  The act gives Congress and President Trump the opportunity to improve our economy and put people back to work. will help keep readers informed about the effect of the Congressional Review Act, and it will give the public the opportunity to identify and submit rules that Congress might want to review and nullify.”  — Paul Larkin, Senior Legal Research Fellow, Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, Institute for Constitutional Government, The Heritage Foundation.

 The Buckeye Institute

“In states across the country, the proliferation of problematic regulations has slowed economic growth, killed jobs, and oppressed small businesses and families.  Ironically, we now know that the same Washington government agencies promulgating these onerous regulations did not follow the rules themselves.  That ends today.  The Buckeye Institute is proud to be a founding partner of the Red Tape Rollback Project to ensure that the Congressional Review Act is vigorously enforced, agencies follow the rules that Congress put into place, and that job-killing and other harmful regulations are eliminated expeditiously.”  — Robert Alt, President and CEO, The Buckeye Institute.

 Competitive Enterprise Institute

“CEI has been fighting for regulatory reform for over 30 years, so we’re especially happy to be joining Pacific Legal Foundation’s new project to eliminate unlawfully imposed government rules and guidance.  We have the best opportunity in a generation to reverse federal overreach, so we look forward to seeing Red Tape Rollback’s game-changing strategy in action.”  — Clyde Wayne Crews, Vice President for Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute.

State Policy Network

“Washington’s one size fits all approach to regulation doesn’t make sense to working Americans in a nation of 50 states with 50 different economies.  The Congressional Review Act can help to reverse federal overreach by reducing regulations that kill jobs.  SPN is proud to be a founding partner of the Red Tape Rollback Project to educate citizens and policy makers on ways to cut the red tape and unleash innovation and opportunity so that all Americans flourish.”  — Kathleen O’Hearn, State Policy Network, Senior Director of Policy Advancement.

Read more about these partners on our Red Tape Rollback Partners page.

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