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Good news for grouse and the economy

“Across 173 million acres in 11 western states there is good news for a chicken-sized bird known as the greater sage grouse and for the economies of rural, natural resource-dependent communities. One of the Obama administration’s most pernicious regulatory initiatives can potentially be eliminated—15 federal sage grouse plans that cost an estimated $7.7 billion annually and 31,000 jobs, as well as harm the grouse and a host of other species that depend on the same habitat. While the plans technically cover nearly 73 million acres of federal land, they effectively impact almost all of the grouse’s habitat, including the 31% that is private, because restrictions on federal lands often impact adjacent and nearby private land.”

In an op-ed published on The Daily Caller, Brian Seasholes, policy analyst at Reason, explains how the sage grouse plans could be dismantled under the Congressional Review Act. As we have written here, the sage grouse plans were never sent to Congress. Congress has an “opportunity to reconsider these ill-conceived and harmful plans,” Seasholes writes.

You can read the full op-ed at The Daily Caller.

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