Will Congress use CRA to its full potential? Kevin McCarthy hints at it

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined the Hugh Hewitt Show this morning, where he was asked about the Congressional Review Act. So far the House has passed more than a dozen resolutions of disapproval to undo regulations from the end of the Obama Administration.

But Hugh Hewitt’s final question to the Congressman was perhaps the most interesting.

Hugh Hewitt: There is an argument that he CRA can go even further back than 60 legislative days if a rule was not accompanied by the right report. Have you looked into that yet?

Rep. McCarthy: Yes. We are looking at it right now and if that’s the case and we get the ruling that it comes back that it’s true, there’s a lot of other elements that we can go back and solve.

Hewitt: That would be terrific!

We are certain that the CRA does allow Congress to reach back to the time the statue was passed in 1996. If Congress does take action using this understanding of the CRA, hundreds of unlawful rules could be undone.

You can hear the audio from the interview below.

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