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Forbes article highlights “CRAzy” way to eliminate red tape

In an article on Forbes, Susan Dudley, director of The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, discussed how the Congressional Review Act can be leveraged to eliminate burdensome agency regulations.

The article begins by describing how these regulations get started:

“[Congress] passes statutes with broad aspirational goals, using language that everyone can support, like “Clean Air” or “Affordable Care,” but then assigns to regulatory agencies the responsibility for issuing regulations to achieve them.

Once constituents begin to feel the negative impacts of the regulations that implement those laws, their representatives rail against the unelected bureaucracy. From a legislator’s perspective, this is a win-win situation; they get credit when they pass the laws, and again when they blame unaccountable bureaucrats for the costs of implementing them.”

Ms. Dudley argues that Congress should take back responsibility for the regulations coming out of Washington. Thankfully, the Congressional Review Act gives Congress a way to do just that.

You can read the full article at Forbes.

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