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American Thinker: Neutering the administrative state

Peter Skurkiss featured the Congressional Review Act and Red Tape Rollback in a recent column at American Thinker. He writes:

President Trump, with a Republican-controlled Congress behind him, has the means to roll back a surprising amount of the red tape and regulations that Washington bureaucrats have smothered the nation with in the past ten years.  I’m referring to the use of the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

A traditional and undisputed understanding of this 1996 law allows Congress to override regulations published within 60 legislative days by a simple majority vote in both chambers.  In the current session, the Ryan-led House has already voted to repeal 13 of the Obama-era damaging regulations of which President Trump has signed off on three so far.

But this rollback is a pittance compared to the full potential of the CRA.

You can read the full column at American Thinker.

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