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Event: Todd Gaziano to speak at “The Time for Regulatory Reform in Congress”

On Thursday, March 2 Todd Gaziano, executive director of Pacific Legal Foundation’s DC Center, will speak at a conference on Capitol Hill. The 9 a.m. panel discussion will cover the Congressional Review Act and the newly introduced REINS Act.

About the Conference

Congress has taken up regulatory reform with vigor. Numerous legislative proposals aim to reform the structure of the administrative state. The REINS Act would make Congress more accountable for regulations. The Separation of Powers Restoration Act would require full judicial review of agency decisions. Congress proposes to use the Congressional Review Act to overturn existing regulations. President Trump has issued an executive order requiring a regulatory budget.

This conference will bring together leading experts to discuss these reforms and others and analyze the most effective ways for Congress to pursue regulatory reform and improve the accountability and efficiency of the administrative state.

For more information or to RSVP for the event, visit the Center for the Study of the Administrative State.

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